CVe OnDemand Software - Tips & Tricks

Using Encrypted, or ENC, Files in OnDemand

OnDemand offers the ability to create encrypted (ENC) files that can only be read using OnDemand software. This provides an additional level of security by preventing an Excel or .pdf file from being opened by an unintended recipient.

Encrypted files can be accessed from the Reports tab. Access the ‘encrypted root file’ drop-down menu and then select a root file. From there, the user is given the option to view/print or email the encrypted data.

  • View/Print: select “Create Report” and OnDemand will decrypt the file and display it in Excel.
  • Email: add the destination email addresses, each separated with a semi-colon, then select “Email Molding Data”. Users will be notified when OnDemand has successfully sent the file.

To view an encrypted file that has been provided from an outside source, copy the ENC file from the email to the Encrypted Data Files folder located at C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\CVe\CVeOnDemand\EncryptedDataFiles and view the data using the above steps.