CVe OnDemand Software - Tips & Tricks

Email Validation Using Personal Email Account

To validate OnDemand’s email feature using a personal email account, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Email Validation feature by selecting CONFIGURE EMAIL from the SUPPORT tab
  2. Click Configure User Email
  3. Uncheck USE AST Mail System
  4. Complete fields with email configuration settings for the account to be used.
  5. Click Test Settings.
  6. The Email Server Test window appears. This will provide information in the event that OnDemand is unable to send the test email.
  7. Once OnDemand successfully sends a test email, you will be notified, click OK to continue

  8. Click Enter Passcode
  9. Open the email that was just sent
  10. Cut the passcode contained in the email and paste it into the Unlock Device field before clinking Unlock










Notification that
the email feature
is enabled.