The CVe Monitor

Expanding the line of mould monitoring solutions, the new CVe Monitor™ v3 tracks tool activity, allowing users to view the data on the display or from comprehensive reports using OnDemand or the new CVe Live System.



  • 7-digit LCD display with a push button to move through the display modes
  • 16GB Flash drive for file storage
  • Replaceable battery
  • Water resistant with an ingress protection rating of IP58
  • Maximum temperature: 190° F (90° C)
  • Dimensionally compatible with mechanical CounterViews
  • Mini USB connectivity for data retrieval with cables sold separately

Information can be viewed directly on the CVe Monitor or via the CVe OnDemand software, which allows users to view data and keep records of reports run, outlining the reason for the report generation including PM, General Queries, Revision Changes and Repairs. Notes can be included and OnDemand records the person generating the document for accurate history.


USB Cables are available for use with the CVe Monitor and are required for both connecting to the computer for OnDemand and for the Live system. Contact your local distributor for ordering information.


For additional details on the CVe Monitor and the CVe OnDemand Software, please click HERE to download our product features sheet.