CVe Live

For real-time monitoring of tools, AST Technology offers hardware and website access for OEMs and moulders utilizing the CVe Monitors.



  • Utilizes FCC and CE certified internal components
  • Press Modules act as a node on a network, reducing the distance required in the plant for data submission to the Gateway
  • Radio Frequency (RF) antennas are interference-free in typical moulding environments
  • Designated website for data collection, reporting and file storage

Press Module:

  • 1 per press connects to the CVe Monitor via cables
  • Power supply (US/International) included
  • Sends data to the Gateway continuously
  • Serves as a node on the network for tool running with a CVe Monitor


  • 1 per facility collects data from all press modules installed via RF transmissions
  • Power supply (US/International) and CAT5 Ethernet cable included
  • Accesses the internet and AST technicians will work with the IT departments for installation
  • Sends data to the website every 15 minutes

CVe Live Website

  • Secure access for OEMs and moulders, set up at the time installation of the CVe Live hardware
  • The dashboard gives information at a glance and allows for drill down into specifics on each tool
  • User can mark favorites and also save searches for monitoring specific programs or suppliers
  • Graphs for cycle times, efficiencies and preventive maintenance can be shown and saved
  • Administration and security levels are controlled by the user and access can be given to subcontractors to upload information or to initialize the CVe Monitors to begin submitting data.

For additional information on CVe Live, please click HERE to download the CVe Live Feature Sheet, or contact AST Technology at